A RadioShack TRS-80 Model 1, one of the original "trinty" of off-the-shelf microcomputers released in 1977

Ever since I saw a TRS-80 Model 1 playing Blackjack back in 1979, I've had a fascination with microcomputers.

Of course these days computers (we've stopped calling them microcomputers) are simply consumables, and have also morphed into common household gadgets such as personal assistants and trackers, smartphones and tablets. Not only is computing technology everywhere, but it is also inexpensive, reliable and increasingly more powerful. Storage is now spoken in terms of terabytes, and cloud computing and A.I. are the latest frontiers. However, back in those pre-Internet/pre-Windows years from 1975-86 computers were wondrous, mysterious and all different. "Micros" seemed to point to an exciting future, and that is exactly what came to pass.

This webspace is devoted to the computers and computing culture of those years, from my own personal perspective and often with a "down under" flavour. The reason for its existence is to preserve some history before it's forgotten by those of us that were there, or so it can be discovered by those that weren't.

If you enjoy retro-computing, there is likely to be something on this site for you!

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Terry Stewart (aka Tezza)

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