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Time Base Corrector wanted

PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2021 6:58 pm
by rooprob
Hi there,

I have a Silicon Graphics O2 doing daily duty as an art station with a Wacom tablet.

I also have a VCR and some tapes, and wanted to rip them using the O2's video encoding capability.

The O2 really needs the composite video-in from the VHS run through a Time Base Corrector to ensure the dedicated image processor (ICE) has a stable stream to encode (Motion JPEG). I have one - a VideoLabs (ClearOne) Video Scaler pro, as described here, but sadly seems to have become broken after years sitting in the drawer. All I get is a digitally-snowy picture, though the output is stable I guess the input has gone.

I recently found ... -equipment, having only seen this article yesterday, so very late to that party.

I realize Graeme has retired from vintage technology, but I have to ask what became of all the unsold things...
This video from the Breadbox Commadore club hinted at some old standard definition video stuff in the sale.

Any TBCs or video mixers looking for a good home?

I might also be interested in a complete Commadore amiga set up (ie machine + CRT).
Or any Mac Classic's - there were plenty yellowing examples looking suitable for a restoration project.