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CCNA v4 to v5 bridge material

PostPosted: Sun Dec 14, 2014 4:41 am
by mehimu
Some days ago CCNA upgraded to version 5. Some new features is added to version 5. But there is a question that if anyone complete his/her study in version 4, then if she/he can able to sit for the exam? the answer is yes.

The next question arise is that if one study, then he/she can get pass mark in that new version?
The answer is also yes. Cisco has released some bridge material for those who studied in version 4. Just there is needed to study that bridge material for the cisco certification exam.
Here i'm sharing the bridge materials step by step in several posts. Today i'm going to share the 1st bridge material. You can download it from here:

Size: 86MB
Download Link: free download CCNA v4 to v5 bridge material