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Retro Gaming Lounge exhibition in Dunedin Sep 14-25

PostPosted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 12:21 am
by YetiSeti
Finally a chance to show some of my collection in an interactive pop-up exhibition here in Dunedin. So if you happen to be down this way, please stop by. I can even do a tour of my house (which is the other 95% of the collection) for collectors on here.


Hmm, the img tag doesn't want to link to google's shareable photo link, so a picture of the flyer can be found :

I have recently discovered the people at Eclipse Radio and Computers and am trying my luck to see if they want to come down (I will at least show some photos and a write up that is being prepared). Also the person who ran the Spectravideo User Group if anyone in Dunedin here had some involvement with this awesome computer (which I had).

Open night is Wednesday 14 September 6pm, and then 10am-5pm to the public daily till 25th September.