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Hello fellow NeXT and Silicon Graphics users

PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2021 7:10 pm
by rooprob
Greetings antique collectors

Long time hoarder of boxes of wires. I have many boxes of wires. Too many to count. Some are lovingly coiled. Some are entangled in a mess.
Many different connectors. I've been through three attempts to reduce the pile, but then I bought some more ...

I (and the kids) also run (almost on a daily basis) a fully operational NeXT Station turbo, though the MegaPixel CRT has a dip in the top left corner I'd like to fix. I have a Indigo2 R10000 Max Impact, with an SCSI2SD v6 that's working well, and SGI O2/Wacom set up, with an Acard SATA SCSI card I bought years ago, before they became gold. But can we keep talking about the wires?