A Tribute to the Dick Smith System 80
(aka Video Genie and PMC-80/81)

Downloadable Disk Images - Programs on "NewDos/80 V 2.0 " disk

This disk contains the disk operating system NewDos/80 version 2.0 it should always be in drive 0 when the machine (real or virtual) is booted. Along with the OS system files the disk image also contains...

Name (and filename) Description What to type at the dos prompt
Read Utility (read/cmd) Helps read a text file. read <filename>:<disk number (optional)>
Unkill Utility (unkill/cmd) Recovers a killed file. unkill <filename>:<disk number (optional)>
Help (help/cmd) Gives a brief explanation of NewDos/80 commands. help <command> or just help (for a list)
Directory Check* (dircheck/cmd) Shows extra information on files like size etc. dircheck
LMOFFSET* (lmoffset/cmd) Convert a tape machine language program to disk and vice versa lmoffset
Disassembler*(disassem/cmd) This will show assembly code for ROM, RAM or a file on the disk. disassem
Super Zap* (superzap/cmd) It allows you to change bytes on a disk directly i.e. "zap" the disk. It is used to perform updates. Every now and again Apparat would published the latest zaps and owners could update their disks. Use with extreme caution. superzap
Edtasm* (edtasm/cmd) Editor/Assembler. Disk-based version of Tandy's Editor/Assember. For programming in assembly language. edtasm
ASpool* (aspool/mas) A printer spooler, which enables printer output to be buffered in memory before going to the printer (read the instructions in the NewDos/80 v2 manual)
Chain Build* (chainbld/bas)
Associated file.. chaintst/bas
Assists in constructing a jcl file which can be used with the CHAIN command. basic run"chainbld/bas"

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* These files are part of the NewDos/80 v2. package and their use is described in the manual.

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