A Tribute to the Dick Smith System 80
(aka Video Genie and PMC-80/81)

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Assembly language. This got down to the nitty-gritty of the Z80 chip, but it was a way of doing all those clever things at lightening speed and in minimum RAM. Most TRS-80 Model 1 (or clone) owner had at least one assembler in their collection. Whether they used it or not is another question.

Only for the brave and the bold.

Assembly Language Tools

Name (and filename)
Description What to type at the dos prompt
Debug v1.02 (debug1/cmd) A machine language monitor by E.R.Paay (1982). debug1
Apparat Disassembler 3.0 (disassem/cmd) "Disassembles" raw Z80 instructions. In other words shows it as assembly code for ROM, RAM or a file on the disk. This is part of NewDos/80 v2 program, and so is also on the NEWDOS disk. disassem
Z80 - Disassembler (disassem/bas) A disassembler coded in BASIC. This will show assembly code for sections of ROM and RAM basic run"disassem/bas"
Z80 Disassembler 2.3 (z80dis/cmd) By Jake Commader, Instant Software (1980) (no instructions, sorry) z80dis 
DisnData - Z80 Disassembler 1.2 (disndata/cmd) Another Z80 disassembler by C.W.Medlock, Pro/Am software (1983) disndata
TRS-80 Editor Assembler 1.1 (edtasm/cmd) Tandy's editor/assembler. Allows you to program in assembly code. Attached manual is version 1.2 for cassette but (apart from loading and saving) the commands should be the same.) edtasm
EDAS 4.1b An assembler editor by Misosys. Attached manual is for the 4.3 version. This is not the complete EDAS package but just the main editor/assembler program. edas
Microsoft Editor Assembler Plus (edtasmpl/cmd) Microsoft's editor/assembler. Allows programming in assembly code. Disk Version 1.01 for TRSDOS (so I'm not sure if it will write to these disks, but as they conform to the TRSDOS standard, it should) edtasmpl

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