A Tribute to the Dick Smith System 80
(aka Video Genie and PMC-80/81)

Downloadable Disk Images - Programs on "BASIC Games 1" disk

This disk contains a collection of games witten in BASIC. Don't expect too much. Many of them are simple programs I typed out of magazines and books.

Name (and filename)
Description What to type at the dos prompt
Pothole (pothole/bas) Block up the potholes so people don't fall through. By Stephen Crockette basic run"pothole/bas"
Rats Revenge (rats/bas) 3-D Maze Game. Author Unknown basic run"rats/bas"
Android Picture Gallary (galley/cmd) Line up all the androids. M.K. Cook. 80 Micro, (1982) basic run"galley/bas"
Galactic Trader 3.0 (galatrad/cmd) A space trading game. basic run"galatrad/bas"
Oil Tycoon (tycoon/bas) Manage an oil business. basic run"tycoon/bas"
Backgammon 1.01 (backgam/cmd) Game of Backgammon. Norman J. Wazaney Jr. (1979) basic run"backgam/bas"
Supreme Ruler (supreme/cmd) Manage a country or two. By JMG Software (1982) basic run"supreme/bas"
B1 Bomber (b1bomber/bas) Cold War game. Play a plane to Russia and bomb some cities. basic run"b1bomber/bas"
Awari (awari/bas) Very Simple logic game typed out of a book. basic run"awari/bas"
strong>Battle (battle/bas) A very simple game of battleship. basic run"battle/bas"
Craps (craps/bas) A very simple game of Craps. basic run"craps/bas"
Russian Roulette (russian/bas) A very simple game of Russian Roulette. basic run"russian/bas"
Even Wins (evenwins/bas) A very simple game of Even Wins basic run"evenwins/bas"
Frogs (frog/bas) Try to catch flies as they come close. By William Demas basic run"frog/bas"
HiLo (hilo/bas) A simple game of Hi-Lo basic run"hilo/bas"
Horse Race (horse/bas) A simple way to bet on the horses without loosing your shirt! basic run"horse/bas"
Real-time Lunar Lander (lander/bas) A simple lunar lander game. basic run"lander/bas"
Voyage of the Valkerie (valkerie/bas) Looks like a complicated game. No instructions unfortunately. basic run"valkerie/bas"
Orbit (orbit/bas) See if you can blow up a romulan ship by calculating the correct angle and distance. basic run"orbit/bas"
Maze3D (maze3d/bas) Constructs a Maze from a first-person perspective basic run"maze3d/bas"
Steeple Chase (steepl/bas) Ride a horse in a Steeplechase. By C. Cranstone (1981) basic run"steepl/bas"
Inside Track (track/bas) Attend a race meeting! By Ray Wilkinson. Distributed by Molymerx. basic run"track/bas"
Snake (snake/bas) Eat the targets as your snake grows basic run"snake/bas"

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