A Tribute to the Dick Smith System 80
(aka Video Genie and PMC-80/81)

Downloadable Disk Images - Programs on "BASIC Games 2" disk

This disk contains a collection of games witten in BASIC. Don't expect too much. Many of them are simple programs I typed out of magazines and books.

Name (and filename)
Description What to type at the dos prompt
Magic Cube Solver (cube/bas) Ever wanted to know how to Solve Rubic's cube. Here's how. basic run"cube/bas"
Uboat (uboat/bas) Locate and sink a uboat. basic run"uboat/bas"
Zodiac (zodiac/cmd) Discover your oriental zodiac sign. A short, tiny program. basic run"zodiac/bas"
Hustle (hustle/cmd) Collect targets, grow the snake but don't reverse or hit your tail. Simple but good. By Peter Trefonas (1979). basic run"hustle/bas"
Golf (golf/bas) Have a game of golf at the TRS-80 country club. Instant Software (1979). basic run"golf/bas"
Blowfly (blowfly/cmd) As a fly, climb up the window without being swatted. By C. Cranstone (1981). basic run"blowfly/bas"
Boa (boa/cmd) A two player "snake" game. Avoid colliding. basic run"boa/bas"
Bingo (bingo/bas) Can be used for bingo calling, or as a pure-luck competition between two players. Geoffrey Egel. basic run"bingo/bas"
Dodge (dodge/bas) Very Simple but fun. Avoid the hazards while in free-fall. basic run"dodge/bas"
Starshoot (strshoot/bas) A variation on the game of life. By D Zwart. basic run"strshoot/bas"
Star Trek (strtrek4/bas) Another game of Star Trek. By Microware. basic run"strtrek4/bas"
The Mind Reader (mindread/bas) Plays the classic magician's trick of deduction by elimination. basic run"mindread/bas"
Batter Up (batter/bas) A game of baseball by Karl Savon (1979) basic run"batter/bas"
Super Mastermind (mstrmind/bas) A game of Mastermind. See if you can guess the number and it's position. basic run"mstrmind/bas"
Murgle (murgle/bas) A very simple adventure game. By Grahame Moad. basic run"murgle/bas"
Rocket Attack (rocket/bas) Save the power stations with your missile defenses. basic run"rocket/bas"
Airmail Pilot (airpilot/bas) Be an airmail pilot flying across the USA. basic run"airpilot/bas"
Road Race (roadrace/bas) Very simple 2-D driving game. basic run"roadrace/bas"
Snake Eggs (snakeggs/bas) A dice-roll game. By Leo Christopherson (1978). basic run"snakeggs/bas"
The Towers of Hanoi (towers/bas) The classic logic game. By Micheal Bryne. basic run"towers/bas"
Android Nim (android/bas) This is a classic Nim game variation! By Leo Christopherson (1979). basic run"android/bas"

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