A Tribute to the Dick Smith System 80
(aka Video Genie and PMC-80/81)

Downloadable Disk Images - Programs on "BASIC Games 3" disk

This disk contains a collection of games witten in BASIC. Don't expect too much. Many of them are simple programs I typed out of magazines and books.

Name (and filename)
Description What to type at the dos prompt
Area of Octous (arena/bas) Gladitorial Role-playing fighting game. By Al Johnston (1981). basic run"arena/bas"
Bombardment (bombard/bas) Fire Missiles at an enemy opponent. By Creative Computing basic run"bombard/bas"
Connecting Dots (dots/cmd) Computer version of paper game connect the dots. By Charles E. Wooster (1981). basic run"dots/bas"
Engineer (engineer/cmd) Construct a bridge to the right specifications. By David J. Bohlke (1979). basic run"engineer/bas"
Entrapment (entrap/bas) Enclose your opponent and force him to hit the wall. By Robert C. Hall (1978). basic run"entrap/bas"
Maze Search (mazeswp/cmd) Search through the maze in the allocated time. basic run"mazeswp/bas"
Meltdown v3.7 (meltdown/cmd) Control a nuclear reactor. By Michael Winter (1979). basic run"meltdown/bas"
Argyle 88 (argyle88/bas) Play politics on an interplanetary council. basic run"argyle88/bas"
Crazy 8s (crazy8s/bas) Card game simulation. Tom Dwyer and Margot Critchfield. basic run"crazy8s/bas"
Cryptograms (crypto/bas) Lets you play with cryptograms. By Rik Pierce. basic run"crypto/bas"
Dominoes 2.1 (dominoes/bas) A game of dominoes. By Peter Kirsch (1980). basic run"dominoes/bas"
Drag Race (drag/bas) Just what it says but instruments only! By Chris Freund. basic run"drag/bas"
Kizmet (kizmet/bas) By Steven Talmage. basic run"kizmet/bas"
Maze Encounter (maze/bas) Builds a maze then you have to escape from it. basic run"maze/bas"
Miner (miner/bas) Tunnel under the bank and get the loot. By Phillip Case (1980). basic run"miner/bas"
Stake Your Claim (stake/bas) Claim the most squares in this grid game. By Rik Pierce basic run"stake/bas"
Alien Shuffle (alien/bas) A logic game. By Martin Downey (1983). basic run"alien/bas"
Atlantic Ballon Crossing 3.3 (balloon/bas) A simulation of the Double Eagle II balloon crossing of the Atlantic. By Dean Powell, revised by G. Shanafelt (1991) basic run"balloon/bas"
Computer Monopoly (monopoly/bas) A game of monopoly by David Goben (1984) basic run"monopoly/bas"
Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio (paravia/bas) Be a ruler and make wise decisions. By Instant Software (1980). basic run"paravia/bas"
Shifter Sifter (sifter/bas) If you can figure this out, let me know. By Frank Parr and JMG Software (1984). basic run"sifter/bas"

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