A Tribute to the Dick Smith System 80
(aka Video Genie and PMC-80/81)

Downloadable Disk Images - Programs on "Disk Utilities" disk

This disk contains some disk management tools. Many are specific to NewDos/80 v2.0. These programs let users examine disks and the files on them, zap sectors, make copies, sort directories and such like.

Name (and filename) Description What to type at the dos prompt
Compare (compare/cmd)
Compare documentation
A command-line utility program to compare either two specified files, or to compare all equally-named files on two different drives. A B.E.ware product (1982) compare,filename1,filename2
compare filename/xxx /yyy
compare file/xxx:0 :1

read compare/doc
C-Fetch v 0.2 (cfetch/cmd) Finds files on a cassette. Instant Software (1979) cfetch
CopyCat v1.06 (copycats/cmd) A disk back-up utility by Omnisoft Research (1983). May only support single density and 40 tracks. copycats
Directory Sorter (dirsort/cmd) Reads the directory, sorts the entries then re-writes the directory back onto the disk in sorted order. Warning, this doesn't give you a prompt...it just does it when run! Date and author unknown. dirsort
Disk Head Clean (headclen/bas) Cleans the disk heads basic run "headclen/bas"
Disk Map (diskmap1/cmd) Allows NewDos/80 v2.0 disks to be mapped. It reads the directory showing what sectors files are located on, free space and the disk name and date. Originally published in 80-micro and modified by Barry Briggs, New Zealand (1982). Works with NewDos/80 v2 only. Quite good! diskmap1
Disk Timer 2.2 (dtimer2/bas) A disk timer program by Carey Tyler Schug basic run"dtimer2/bas"
DiskDex (diskindx/cmd)
DiskDex docs (diskindx/doc)
Facilitates a number of common file management functions in NewDos/80 v2 like sort the directory, search for files, selectively delete files and alter the PDRIVE parameters. By Bob Wissner, date unknown dskindx
read diskindx/doc
FED - File Editor v1.0.1a (fleditor/cmd) Allows you to edit files on a disk at the byte level. Great for patching. Galactic Software. (1981). fleditor
File Utility Program (utl/cmd) Compares or lists files and directories. For NewDos/80 v2 only. By Arne. Programmed in ZBASIC. (1985) utl
Nick's Disk Catalogue Program (cat/cmd) Makes a disk catalogue. By Nick Gridley, 1985, for NewDos/80 v2 cat
Trakcess v1.3 (manual v1.95)
(trakcess/cmd and track)
A disk viewer, copier and editor By Roxton Baker, (1980) trakcess
basic then
run "track"
Super Utility+ v.3 (su3/cmd) A utility for doing all kinds of things with memory, tape and disks. Kim Watt. Breeze/QSD Inc. (1983) su3
Unoffset 1.1 (unoffset/cmd)
Unoffset Documents (unoffset/doc)
Removes NEWDOS/80's LMOFFSET from machine code files of cassette origin. Very Useful! By Nick Andrew (1984) unoffset

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