A Tribute to the Dick Smith System 80
(aka Video Genie and PMC-80/81)

Downloadable Disk Images - Programs on "More Arcade 1" disk

This disk contains a collection of commercial arcade games, written in machine code for speed. It's interesting to see how game writers tried to jazz up the graphics in later 1982-83 games. This often led to a cluttered and ugly screen which detracted from the gameplay.

Name (and filename)
Description What to type at the dos prompt
Clash (clash/cmd) Fantasy jousting. The graphics are really pushing the boundaries so a lot of imagination is needed! By Bill Dunlevy (1983). clash
Convoy (convoy/cmd) Protect the convoy from air attack. By Philip Mackenzie and Jeff Sorenson. Published by Trend Software (1983). convoy
Cosmic Fighter (cosmic/cmd) A variation on Space Invaders. By Bill Hogue and Jeff Konyu (1980). cosmic
Olympic Decathlon (decath/cmd) Test your skill at many field events. By Timothy W. Smith (1981). decath
Gauntlet (gauntlt/cmd) Kill Aliens on a grid. Similar to Big Five's Attack Force. By Kyle Hoyt and Brock Alston (1983). Features a tune produced by Cornsoft's Microchord. It's about as good as music gets on these machines. gauntlt
Sneak Thief (sneak/cmd) Kill or capture thieves and associates. By Soft Sector Marketing (1982). sneak
Super Nova 1.2 (nova/cmd) Variation on the classic game "astroids". By Bill Hogue, Big Five Software (1980). Not so good as their other efforts IMO. nova
Outhouse (outhouse/cmd) Stop aliens stealing all the toilet paper (yes, it's true!) By J. Weever Jr. Soft Sector Marketing (1982). outhouse
The Wild West (wildwest/cmd) Yee-ha! Hold up the train and steal the money. By C.J. Abrahams (1982). wildwest
Fury (fury/cmd) A space shooting game similar to Nova to some extent. By Doug Frayer (1982). fury
Galaxy Invasion (galaxy/cmd) Big Five's answer to Space Invaders. By Bill Hogue and Jeff Konyu. Big Five Software (1980). galaxy
Panik (panik/cmd) Kind of like Donkey Kong, but with a space theme. By William Demas. Fantastic Software (1982) panik

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