A Tribute to the Dick Smith System 80
(aka Video Genie and PMC-80/81)

Downloadable Disk Images - Programs on "More Arcade 2" disk

This disk contains a collection of commercial arcade games, written in machine code for speed.

Name (and filename) Description What to type at the dos prompt
Caterpillar (caterpil/cmd) Shoot the falling caterpillars. Soft Sector Marketing. (1982). caterpil
Bounceoids (bounce/cmd) Kind of like astroids. Move and shoot at bouncing objects. Published by The Cornsoft Group (1982). Not so good IMO. bounce
Hoppy (hoppy/cmd) An inferior version of Frogger. As a frog, cross roads, rivers and other hazards. By Dubois and Mcnamara Software. (1981). hoppy
Chicken (chicken/cmd) Substitute a chicken for a frog and you have this variation of Frogger. By J. Weaver Jrn. Factory Programming (1982). chicken
Strike Force (strikefc/cmd) Similar to, but not as good as, Eliminator. By William Tang, Beam Software (1982). strikefc
Space War (spacewar/cmd) Scroll over a landscape and shoot at oncoming craft. Quite a primitive game with no sound. By Norman Dobbs. (date unknown) spacewar
Cavern Quest (cavern/cmd) Mine your way through an asteroid. By Barry Diller (1982). cavern
Ghost Hunter (ghsthunt/cmd) A variation of Pacman. Not as good as Scarfman. By Dubios and Mcnamara Software. ghsthunt
Galaxy Invasion Plus (galaxypl/cmd) Space Invaders - type game with voices. Looks like Big Five Software version but no credits given. I wonder if it's a hack? galaxypl
Assault (assault/cmd) Explore each area, and avoid hazards. The opening screen is graphic overload! By Dunlevy and Frayer (1982). assault
Interdictor Pilot (interdic/cmd) Pilot a space fighter. By Lawrence Marshall, Sole distributor Molimerx (1983). interdic
Jungle Boy (junglboy/cmd) Play at being Tarzan. Good try but graphics are not really up to it. Dubios and Mcnamara Software. Distributed by Displayed Video (date unknown..possibly 1983). junglboy
Time Runner (runner/cmd) Capture territory by painting over rectangles on s grid. By Y Lempereur. Funsoft (1982) runner

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