A Tribute to the Dick Smith System 80
(aka Video Genie and PMC-80/81)

Downloadable Disk Images - Programs on "More Arcade 3" disk

This disk contains a collection of commercial arcade games, written in machine code for speed.

Name (and filename) Description What to type at the dos prompt
Babel Terror (bable/cmd) Eat bables and stars while negotiating a maze. By Y Lempereur. Funsoft (1982) bable
Space Castle (castle/cmd) Destroy the Space Castle. By Charles Guy, The Cornsoft Group (1982) castle
Star Cresta (cresta/cmd) A fairly primitive space invaders game. Cosmic Software (1982). cresta
Gravitron (gravitr/cmd) Kind of a cross between Lunar Lander and Penetrator. By Dennis Lo (1983). gravitr
The Swarming (swarming/cmd) Negotiate a maze packed with swarming creatures. By David P. Berude. Gamestar Software (1982). swarming
Starfighter (starfighr/cmd) Pilot a starfighter in first-person view. You will need the manual for this one. I'll see if I can find one starfigh
Stellar Escort (stellar/cmd) First-person view. Protect your escort from all-comers. By Jeff Zinn. Distributed by Big Five Software (1982). stellar
Stronghold (strnghld/cmd) Protect you city from stray nuclear debris while trying to destroy three other cities. By Ken Olson and Larry Chow, Computer Shack (1981) strnghld
Vexus (vexus/cmd) Simple. Patrol Vexus tunnels. Destroy all aliens. By J. Weaver Jr. distributed by Soft Sector Marketing (1982). vexus
Cyborg (cyborg/cmd) Negotiate passageways. Shoot things (you know the drill by now). By Bill Dunlevy and Douglas Frayer. Distributed by Computer Shack. (1982) cyborg

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