A Tribute to the Dick Smith System 80
(aka Video Genie and PMC-80/81)

Downloadable Disk Images - Programs on "More Arcade 6" disk

This disk contains a collection of commercial arcade games, written in machine code for speed.

Name (and filename) Description What to type at the dos prompt
Killer Beetle (beetle/cmd) A poor-man's Robot Attack. Chase creatures through a 2-D maze. By Dubois and MacNamara Software (1981) beetle
Men Away (menaway/cmd) Unload passengers from your crippled airline into a canyon. Contains a canyon editor. By Greg Pryor (date unknown) menaway
Digout (digout/cmd) Dig your way out and through avoiding all hazards. By John Crane, Computer Shack (1983). digout
Fortress (fortress/cmd) Defend yourself from a 360 degree attack. Soft Sector Marketing (1981). fortress
Serpent (serpant/cmd) Kill sea serpents from your submarine. By W. Haywood (1981). Molimerx serpant
Ham Burger Sam (hmburger/cmd) A variation on Donkey Kong/Apple Panic By Dubois and MacNamara. Displayed Video (date unknown) hmburger
Martian Patrol (martpat/cmd) Patrol the martian surface and defend against attacks. By Rick Maurice (1982). martpat
Laser Defense (laserdef/cmd) Cold war game. Defend American from Soviet Missiles. By Simon Smith. Med Systems Software (1982). laserdef
Zaxxon (zaxxon/cmd) Fly over a 3-D landscape avoiding obstacles and enemies. By Sega Enterprises (1983) zaxxon
Threshold Zero (tz/cmd) Destroy invading aliens in this Invaders-type game. By Bruce Hansen, (1982). tz
Silver (silver/cmd) A pinball game. By Southern Cross Systems (1980) silver
Arex (arex/cmd) Try to paint as much as you can while walling off the enemy. By William Muk Koon Yet. Adventure International. Distributed by Molymerx (1982) arex
Asteroid (ast2/cmd) Classic game of Asteroids. By Mike Wall. ast2
Donut Dilemma (donut/cmd) Kind of Donkey Kong with bouncing donuts! By Nickolas Marentes (1984). Quite good. donut
Klondike (klondike/cmd) This is a card game. Author unknown klondike
Air Raid (airraid/cmd) Man an anti-aircraft gun. By Small Systems Software (date unknown) airraid

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