A Tribute to the Dick Smith System 80
(aka Video Genie and PMC-80/81)

Downloadable Disk Images - Programs on the "Adams 1" disk

This disk contains the first seven adventures in the Scott Adams Adventure Collection, and an adventure editor.

Despite the text-only interface and limited vocabulary, these games are both crafty, challenging and humourous. Try them out! Use upper-case letters only for the commands. Oh, If you get stuck, you might want to consult this handy hint manual. A web search should reveal walkthroughs.

If titles are linked, there is a manual lurking underneath.

Name (and filename)
Description What to type at the dos prompt
Adventure Editor (advedt/cmd) An adventure editor by Bruce Hanson. You can edit the other adventures on this disk or build your own ones. advedt
Adventure Loader (adv/cmd) This allows you to select one of the adventures below. adv
Adventureland (advent/Q1) Collect treasures in a number of interesting places. (Use adv)
Pirate Adventure (advent/Q2) Ahrrr...me hearties! Board me ship and search the waves for treasure. "
Mission Impossible (advent/Q3) Good morning Mr Phelps. You must track down and disarm a suicide bomber before the nuclear power plant goes up! "
Vodoo Castle (advent/Q4) Save Count Cristo from the curse! "
The Count (advent/Q5) Too long in the Count's castle is bound to be draining. Try to survive and kill the vampire. "
Strange Odyssey (advent/Q6) A space adventure. (now what happens if I press the red button?) "
Fun House (advent/Q7) Fun houses can be creepy affairs. This one is no different! "

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