A Tribute to the Dick Smith System 80
(aka Video Genie and PMC-80/81)

System 80 (and TRS-80 Model 1) Emulators

Relive the Thrill - Download an emulator!

TRS-80 Emulators

The System 80 was a clone of the TRS-80 Model 1 so TRS-80 emulators can be used to experience the machine. A comprehensive list of emulators can be found at www.trs-80.com.  

The first emulator I used was Jeff Vavasour's Model 1 emulator for MS-DOS, which I helped beta-test way back in 1991 (more about this can be found amongst the stories here).  However the two I would recommend today are TRS32 by Matthew Reed or TRS80gp by George Phillips.   If you don't have one of these emulators already, download them from the links and relive those memories.  

TRSgp, the most recent of the two, comes with default built-in boot disks (which can be changed) and Model 1 ROM (which can also be changed). TRS32 needs you to supply the ROM and includes emulation of the Exatron Stringy Floppy (Both ROMs are in this zip).

System 80/Video Genie 1/PMC-80/HT-1080 Emulators

Although the System 80 was an almost perfect clone of the TRS-80 Model 1, there were minor hardware and ROM differences. Some emulators exist which have been written specifically to emulate a cassette or disk-based System-80 Mk1 (Blue Label)/Video Genie 1.  Users can experience the "Video Cut" and "Page" screen modes particular to this model. 

These emulators are from Hungary, where the machine was known as the HT-1080z. One has has been written by Attila Grosz, two by Zoltan Kollar and one by Lajos Kintli. Zoltan's programs feature emulation of popular add-on hi-res and colour boards.

Attila's emulator can be found here, and the others here. The programs are entirely freeware and no ROM image is needed.  They are great for viewing cassette files but are a little fussy when it comes to disk images, and not all formats are supported. However they will work with the disk images on this site.

TRS32 and TRS80gp can also emulate a System 80, although the only real difference noticed is in the diskless boot up screen. All you need is a System 80 ROM image. This System-80 ROM zip file (which also includes the original TRS80 Model 1 and Exatron Stringy Floppy ROM) has some to choose from. You will need to rename the System 80 ROM to model1.rom for use in TRS32.

If you know absolutely nothing about TRS-80/System 80 software...

...the following link below might help.  These driving instructions are for those who have recently acquired, discovered or inherited a System-80 (or TRS-80 Model 1), and/or want to try one of the emulators but know nothing about running TRS-80 Model 1 software.