A Tribute to the Dick Smith System 80
(aka Video Genie and PMC-80/81)

Programs on the Downloadable Disk Images

Here are the programs contained on the disk images in alphabetical order. This page may be useful if you are looking for that particular piece of software.



Program Name General Information Found on this disk...
Accounts Receivable A debtors package consisting of three disks. Disk one auto-boots. Dick Smith Ltd. Accounts Receivable (zip file)
Adult Caloric Requirements Calculate just how many calories you need! By Instant Software (1980). Miscellaneous 1
Adventure Editor An adventure editor by Bruce Hanson. You can edit the other adventures on this disk or build your own ones. Adams 1
Adventure LoaderThis allows you to select one of the Scott Adams Adventures. Adams 1
Adventure Loader This allows you to select one of the Bruce Hansen adventures. (1981) Mysterious
AdventurelandCollect treasures in a number of interesting places. Adams 1
Aeronauts, The Fly a number of different planes in a number of different situations. Flight Simulators
Aids Plus v 1.1 Aids Plus v 1.1 by Softrends (1984). A business database. Aids Plus
Airmail Pilot Be an airmail pilot flying across the USA. Basic Games 2
Air Raid Man an anti-aircraft gun. By Small Systems Software (date unknown) More Arcade 6
Alien Armada Basic Space Invaders Game. Copied by (not written by) Pegleg Software (1981). More Arcade 5
Alien Shuffle A logic game. By Martin Downey (1983). Basic Games 3
Android Nim This is a classic Nim game variation! By Leo Christopherson (1979). Basic Games 2
Android Picture Gallary Line up all the androids. M.K. Cook. 80 Micro, (1982) Basic Games 1
Apple Panic Avoid the enemy on a grid and dig holes they can fall down (then jump on them). Favourites 2
Area of Octous Gladitorial Role-playing fighting game. By Al Johnston (1981). Basic Games 3
Argyle 88 Play politics on an interplanetary council. Basic Games 3
Armoured Patrol Shoot other tanks from your own Favourites 2
ASpool A printer spooler, which enables printer output to be buffered in memory before going to the printer NEWDOS/80-2.0
Astronomy 1.0 Calculates a number of astronomical settings. By Frank Kosztelnik (date unknown). Miscellaneous 1
Atlantian Odyssey, The A (partly-graphical) journey through the lost city of Atlantis. By Teri Li and Mark Robinson (1980). Adventures 1
Atlantic Ballon Crossing 3.3 A simulation of the Double Eagle II balloon crossing of the Atlantic. By Dean Powell, revised by G. Shanafelt (1991) Basic Games 3
Alien Cresta Galaxy Invasion/Space Invader-type game. By Dubois and McNamara Software (1981). More Arcade 8
Alien Taxi Land safely and pick up passengers. Favourites 2
Arex Try to paint as much as you can while walling off the enemy. By William Muk Koon Yet. Adventure International. Distributed by Molymerx (1982) More Arcade 6
Arrow of Death (Pt. 1) You find yourself in a courtyard with a dead messenger.! Mysterious
Arrow of Death (Pt. 2) The game continues on the fringe of desolation marshes. Mysterious
Assault Explore each area, and avoid hazards. The opening screen is graphic overload! By Dunlevy and Frayer (1982). More Arcade 2
Asteroid Classic game of Asteroids. By Mike Wall. More Arcade 6
Astro Moth A frantic space Invaders Variation. By Jeremy Gates, Australia (date unknown). More Arcade 4
Asylum Go completely bonkers trying to solve this graphic adventure game. By Med Systems (1981) Adventures 5
Attack Force Destroy space fighters on a grid Favourites 1
Auto Directory Allows you to select files with the cursor keys. Memory+Diagnostic
Autoload A DOS shell, which allows the selection of common functions with a single keypress. From Briggs Software, New Zealand. Memory+Diagnostic
Awari Very Simple logic game typed out of a book. Basic Games 1
B1 Bomber Cold War game. Play a plane to Russia and bomb some cities. Basic Games 1
Babel Terror Eat bables and stars while negotiating a maze. By Y Lempereur. Funsoft (1982) More Arcade 3
Backgammon A nice game of backgammon. Favourites 1
Backgammon 1.01 Game of Backgammon. Norman J. Wazaney Jr. (1979) Basic Games 1
Basements and Beasties Text based adventure game. Author and date unknown. I have an idea this was typed in from a book of the same name. Adventures 5
Basket Play Pro-Basketball. This is a challenge for the graphics but they do it quite considering the limitations. By John Allen. Acorn Software (1981). More Arcade 5
Barchart Stores, retrieves and produces bar charts Business Apps.
Barchart Prints a bar graph on the lineprinter. Date and author unknown. Miscellaneous 1
Battle for Normandy D-Day, June 6th, 1944. By Tactical Design Group, Strategic Simulations (1982). Strategy Games 2
Battle Station Rotate your ship in 90 degree bursts to kill the aliens coming at you . By Dubois and McNamara Software (1981). More Arcade 8
Boskone Alert! Space fighter game, where you have a scanning map so you can see what's coming. By Tom Thiel. Cosmic Software (1982) More Arcade 7
Bates Horse Racing Learn maths with this horse racing program. Author and date unknown. Miscellaneous 1
Batter Up A game of baseball by Karl Savon (1979) Basic Games 2
Battle A very simple game of battleship. Basic Games 1
Battle of Shilo, The The Union vrs the Confederates. By Tactical Design Group. Strategic Simulations. Adventures 3
Battleships A simple game of battleships. Author and date unknown. Strategy Games 1
Bedlam You wake up in an asylum. Author and date unknown Adventures 1
Bingo Can be used for bingo calling, or as a pure-luck competition between two players. Geoffrey Egel. Basic Games 2
Biorhythms Check your mood for the next few days Eaca Demos
Bit Demo A graphic demonstration of just what a byte is and how it relates to binary. BASIC Toolkit
Black Hole 2.0, The Space invaders but with a twist. The walls start to press in. By Y. Lempereur, Funsoft. (1982) More Arcade 4
Black Jack A simple (and not particularly good) game of blackjack. Author and date unknown. Strategy Games 1
Blowfly As a fly, climb up the window without being swatted. By C. Cranstone (1981). Basic Games 2
Boa A two player "snake" game. Avoid colliding. Basic Games 2
Bombardment Fire Missiles at an enemy opponent. By Creative Computing Basic Games 3
Bookworm Prints loads of worms on the lineprinter. Date and author unknown. Miscellaneous 1
Bounceoids Kind of like astroids. Move and shoot at bouncing objects. Published by The Cornsoft Group (1982). Not so good IMO. More Arcade 2
Burglar's Adventure Another Bruce G. Hansen adventure Adams 2
C-Fetch v 0.2 Finds files on a cassette. Instant Software (1979) Disk Utilities
Calculator A calculator showing reverse polish notation. Author and date unknown. Miscellaneous 1
Calender Calendar utility program. By Jeff Paewai. Miscellaneous 1
Cartoon An mildly amusing screen saver. By Brian F. Eggers (date unknown). Miscellaneous 1
Caterpillar Shoot the falling caterpillars. Soft Sector Marketing. (1982). More Arcade 2
Cathouse A text-based adventure game. Author and date unknown. Adventures 5
Cavern Quest Mine your way through an asteroid. By Barry Diller (1982). More Arcade 2
Celestial Music Demo Produces random chords of spacey music. (it was groovy in it's time!). Date and author unknown. Music
Centipede Attack Fire on marauding centipedes which split into smaller ones when hit. Also avoid a leaping "something". By Dubois and McNamara Software (1981). More Arcade 8
Chain Build Assists in constructing a jcl file which can be used with the CHAIN command. NEWDOS/80-2.0
Checkers A game of checkers. Author and date unknown. Strategy Games 2
Chess A game of chess. Author and date unknown. Strategy Games 1
Chi square test Calculates Chi Square. Date and author unknown. Miscellaneous 1
Chicken Substitute a chicken for a frog and you have this variation of Frogger. By J. Weaver Jrn. Factory Programming (1982). More Arcade 2
CIA Adventure This one is typed out of a book. By Hugh Lampert. Date unknown. Adventures 1
Circus Out of gas, and the only thing visible is a circus tent in the middle of a field... Mysterious
City of Knossos, The Escape from the Minotaur's labyrinth. By Simon Smith. Med System Software (1981) Adventures 5
Clash Fantasy jousting. The graphics are really pushing the boundaries so a lot of imagination is needed! By Bill Dunlevy (1983). More Arcade 1
Compare A command-line utility program to compare either two specified files, or to compare all equally-named files on two different drives. A B.E.ware product (1982) Disk Utilities
Computer Monopoly A game of monopoly by David Goben (1984) Basic Games 3
Connecting Dots Computer version of paper game connect the dots. By Charles E. Wooster (1981). Basic Games 3
Convoy You are the captain of a North Atlantic convoy during WW2. By Softside (1981). Strategy Games 1
Convoy Protect the convoy from air attack. By Philip Mackenzie and Jeff Sorenson. Published by Trend Software (1983). More Arcade 1
CopyCat v1.06 A disk back-up utility by Omnisoft Research (1983). May only support single density and 40 tracks. Disk Utilities
Cosmic Fighter A variation on Space Invaders. By Bill Hogue and Jeff Konyu (1980). More Arcade 1
Cost Analysis Simple BASIC Program that must have been written for the System-80 rather than the TRS-80 as one of the prompts refers to "New Line" rather than "Return". Business Apps.
Count, The Too long in the Count's castle is bound to be draining. Try to survive and kill the vampire. Adams 1
Craps A very simple game of Craps. Basic Games 1
Crazy 8s Card game simulation. Tom Dwyer and Margot Critchfield. Basic Games 3
Crazy Painter Ever had pets walk on a deck you've been painting? If so, this game's for you. Favourites 2
Critical Path Determine the critical path for any planning process. Author and date unknown. Miscellaneous 1
Crush, Crumble and Chomp The movie monster game from Epxy (1981) Crush
Cryptograms Lets you play with cryptograms. By Rik Pierce. Basic Games 3
Cutthroats You are given a map by an old shipmate before he is murdered. A rich Infocom interactive fiction game (1984). Adventures 6
Cyborg Negotiate passageways. Shoot things (you know the drill by now). By Bill Dunlevy and Douglas Frayer. Distributed by Computer Shack. (1982) More Arcade 3
DR's Turbo Ram Spooler Gives you a printer spooler in memory. By Dementia Software, 1983 Memory+Diagnostic
Data File Manager (DATFILE) A database manager. From Dick Smith Ltd. DATFILE
Death Dreadnaught A space adventure. By The Programmer's Guild (1980). Adventures 2
Debug v1.02 A machine language monitor by E.R.Paay (1982). Assemblers
Defense Command Protect your fuel cells from marauding hordes. Favourites 2
Demon Seed Yet another "Invaders" game. Contains chords! By Jeff Sorensen and Philip MacKenzie. Treno Software (1982) More Arcade 4
Diagnostics Check out your system with this diagnostic program Dick Smith
Diagnostic Disk A auto-boot diagnostic program for the System 80. Dick Smith Ltd. System 80 Diagnostic Disk
Digout Dig your way out and through avoiding all hazards. By John Crane, Computer Shack (1983). More Arcade 6
Directory Check Shows extra information on files like size etc. NEWDOS/80-2.0
Directory Sorter Reads the directory, sorts the entries then re-writes the directory back onto the disk in sorted order. Warning, this doesn't give you a prompt...it just does it when run! Date and author unknown. Disk Utilities
Disk Mailing List System A database systems for names and addresses. Used for printing those sticky lables that went on envelopes. From Dick Smith Ltd. Disk Mailing List System
Disassembler 3.0, Apparat "Disassembles" raw Z80 instructions. In other words shows it as assembly code for ROM, RAM or a file on the disk. This is part of NewDos/80 v2 program, and so is also on the NEWDOS disk. Assemblers
DiskDex Facilitates a number of common file management functions in NewDos/80 v2 like sort the directory, search for files, selectively delete files and alter the PDRIVE parameters. By Bob Wissner, date unknown Disk Utilities
Disk Drive Timer Checks the speed of disk drives. By Paul A. Rogers (1979). Miscellaneous 1
Disk Change Changes a few cosmetic NewDos/80 v2 things like the banner, prompt, name, date and BASIC prompt. Memory+Diagnostic
Disk Head Clean Cleans the disk heads Disk Utilities
Disk Map Allows NewDos/80 v2.0 disks to be mapped. It reads the directory showing what sectors files are located on, free space and the disk name and date. Originally published in 80-micro and modified by Barry Briggs, New Zealand (1982). Works with NewDos/80 v2 only. Quite good! Disk Utilities
Disk Timer 2.2 A disk timer program by Carey Tyler Schug Disk Utilities
DisnData - Z80 Disassembler 1.2 Another Z80 disassembler by C.W.Medlock, Pro/Am software (1983) Assemblers
Dodge Very Simple but fun. Avoid the hazards while in free-fall. BASIC Toolkit
Domain of the Djinn Date and author unknown. Needs Instructions. Adventures 2
Dominoes 2.1 A game of dominoes. By Peter Kirsch (1980). Basic Games 3
Donut Dilemma Kind of Donkey Kong with bouncing donuts! By Nickolas Marentes (1984). Quite good. More Arcade 6
Dos Address Finder Finds all those important DOS hooks (addresses). Useful for programmers BASIC Toolkit
Drag RaceJust what it says but instruments only! By Chris Freund. Basic Games 3
Dragon Quest You start in a castle with a king. Author and date unknown. Adventures 2
Dual voice music synthesiser Build a tune. 80 Micro Magazine (1982). Needs instructions! Music
Duel-N-Droids Dress up as an android and duel the computer. By Leo Christopherson (1980) More Arcade 7
Duncan's Multiple Range Test This a statistics program I wrote. It's not perfect, but it's nearly there (1982). Miscellaneous 1
Dungeon of Htam Text based adventure game by Howard Berenbon. From the book "Mostly Basic" (either I or II)
Adventures 4
Dynaterm 3.1 By A.S. Vincent (date unknown) Communications
ED50 Calculation Linear regression program modified to determine an ED 50 Miscellaneous 1
EDAS 4.1b An assembler editor by Misosys. Attached manual is for the 4.3 version. This is not the complete EDAS package but just the main editor/assembler program. Assemblers
Edtasm Editor/Assembler. Disk-based version of Tandy's Editor/Assember. For programming in assembly language. NEWDOS/80-2.0
Editor Assembler Plus Microsoft's editor/assembler. Allows programming in assembly code. Disk Version 1.01 for TRSDOS (so I'm not sure if it will write to these disks, but as they conform to the TRSDOS standard, it should) Assemblers
Electric Pencil v 1.0 The original Electric Pencil by Michael Shrayer (1979). This early version was very simple, with about the same functionality of Scripsit v 1.0. Word Processing
Electronic Shopping Logs into an on-line Dick Smith database to allow product ordering from home. Electronic Shopping
Electric Webster A popular spell checker which made quality wordprocessing possible with these 32 or 48k machines. Spell Checker
Elements, The Get to know the Periodic Table. By David Balaic (1981). Miscellaneous 1
Eliminator Shoot ships - Fast and furious in a horizontal-scroll world. Favourites 3
Eliza A early artificial intelligence program. Date and author unknown. Miscellaneous 1
Engine Driver Control the trains and avoid collisions. By Bob Burton, Molimerx Software (1982). Needs to be loaded with "run". More Arcade 5
Engineer Construct a bridge to the right specifications. By David J. Bohlke (1979). Basic Games 3
Enigma -
The Code Machine v 2.0
A simulation of an enigma machine. By E. Huggins (1983). Strategy Games 2
Entrapment Enclose your opponent and force him to hit the wall. By Robert C. Hall (1978). Basic Games 3
Error Finder Loads then jumps to BASIC. Can use x=usr(0) to trace data. Version 2.2 by Mike Brotherton. BASIC Toolkit
Escape from Colditz Just what it says! By P. Knott (1982). Adventures 3
Escape from Pulsar 7 Your space freighter has an unwelcome passenger with an appetite Mysterious
Escape from Traam You crash on a strange planet. By Jyym Pearson (1980) Adventures 1
Escape Zone Escape from alien territory by steering a ship through a vertical scrolling path filled with objects. By Nickolas Marentes (Fun Division) (1984). More Arcade 8
Even Wins A very simple game of Even Wins Basic Games 1
Exterminate Graphic and ASCII-character based tunnell-and-shoot game. By JMG Software International (1982). More Arcade 4
Farvar Legacy, The You've just inherited a castle...but is there more? By Jyym Pearson, Med Systems Software (1981). Adventures 1
Fast Gammon A game of blackgammon. Date and author unknown Strategy Games 1
Faster A TSR program designed to speed up basic programs. By Prosoft, 1981 Memory+Diagnostic
Feasibility Experiment You are the subject of a feasibility experiment, being conducted by space beings looking for the ultimate warrior. Is it you? Mysterious
FED - File Editor v1.0.1a Allows you to edit files on a disk at the byte level. Great for patching. Galactic Software. (1981). Disk Utilities
File Utility Program Compares or lists files and directories. For NewDos/80 v2 only. By Arne. Programmed in ZBASIC. (1985) Disk Utilities
Flash Cards Throws up flash cards in different languages Miscellaneous 2
Flexi Diet, The A diet program which serves up menus. Instant Software (1980). Miscellaneous 1
Flight Simulator
Fly an LTC21 (instruments only). By Scott L. Richmond, date unknown. Flight Simulators
Flight Simulator 2 An "out the window - pilot's view" simulator. Does the best it can with the crude graphics available. By Sublogic, date unknown. Flight Simulators
Forbidden Planet Pt 1. Your space cruiser is malfunctioning. A talking adventure by Fantastic Software. By William Demas. Voice by Dick Barker (1981). Adventures 1
Fortran 80 v 3.4
This is the best known implementation of Fortran for the TRS-80 world. Written by Microsoft and distributed by Tandy (1979) Note: the manual is for version 3.2 Fortran
Fortress Defend yourself from a 360 degree attack. Soft Sector Marketing (1981). More Arcade 6
Frog Race A Frogger clone. By Alan Morrison (1982). More Arcade 7
Frogger Cross the road and try to avoid getting squashed. Favourites 2
Frogs Try to catch flies as they come close. By William Demas Basic Games 1
Fun House Fun houses can be creepy affairs. This one is no different! Adams 1
Fury A space shooting game similar to Nova to some extent. By Doug Frayer (1982). More Arcade 1
Galactic Firebird Space Invaders, but with lots of movement. By Mike Chalk, Kansas Software (1982). More Arcade 5
Galactic Trader 3.0 A space trading game. Basic Games 1
Galactic Revolution Another space trading game by Douglas Carlston Strategy Games 2
Galaxy Invasion Big Five's answer to Space Invaders. By Bill Hogue and Jeff Konyu. Big Five Software (1980). More Arcade 1
Galaxy Invasion Plus Space Invaders - type game with voices. Looks like Big Five Software version but no credits given. I wonder if it's a hack? More Arcade 2
Gamma Word A Text-based adventure, using the Bruce Hansen adventure system. Mega Venture III By Sirius Cybernetics and Big Oric Software (1984). Adventures 5
Gauntlet Kill Aliens on a grid. Similar to Big Five's Attack Force. By Kyle Hoyt and Brock Alston (1983). Features a tune produced by Cornsoft's Microchord. It's about as good as music gets on these machines. More Arcade 1
General Database Another one of mine, which uses a lot of the same code as the one above. A generic database program. (1984). I actually submitted this to Micro-80 but by that time it had all been done before, and the System-80 use was fading fast. Business Apps.
General Ledger A third effort of mine. A generic ledger program. Business Apps.
These are Jeff Vavasour utilities which helped obtain the System 80 ROM. I think getrom/bas read the ROM in decimal and romhex/bas read it, then convereted it to hex. Miscellaneous 2
Ghost Hunter A variation of Pacman. Not as good as Scarfman. By Dubios and Mcnamara Software. More Arcade 2
Ghost Town Just you and tumbleweeds. Or is it...? Adams 2
Gladiator (The) Compete against a variety of driod competitors. By Nickolas Marentes (Fun Division) (1983). More Arcade 8
Golden Baton You start in a dense SPOOKY forest... Mysterious
Golden Voyage, The The king lies near death in the royal palace. You have only three days to bring back the elixer to rejuvenate him. Can you find it in time? Adams 2
Golf Have a game of golf at the TRS-80 country club. Instant Software (1979). Basic Games 2
Graphics EACA Video Genie Logo Screen Saver Eaca Demos
Graphic 90's Animation BASIC
This is Animation Basic (ABASIC), with a preloader patch for NEWDOS/80 v 2.0. ABASIC was part of Graphic-90, an animation package produced by TANDY for the '80s machines. BASIC Toolkit
Gravitron Kind of a cross between Lunar Lander and Penetrator. By Dennis Lo (1983). More Arcade 4
GRBasic Med System's GRbasic, which adds a number of graphic commands to disk BASIC. (Thanks to Al Tracker for supplying the manual) BASIC Toolkit
Gunfighter Shoot the passing stagecoaches (and each other). By Tandy Corp. 1981. More Arcade 8
Gymnasium Adventure By John R. Olsen. CLOAD Software (1983). Adventures 3
Ham Burger Sam A variation on Donkey Kong/Apple Panic By Dubois and MacNamara. Displayed Video (date unknown) More Arcade 6
Heating Energy Audit Computes heating fuel requirements for a defined heating season. By A.A. Leshane (1980). Miscellaneous 1
Hellfire Warrior The sequel to Apshai. Four more dungeons to explore! This is the one I actually started on, in its cassette manifestation. DunjonQuest
Help Gives a brief explanation of NewDos/80 commands. NEWDOS/80-2.0
Hex to Decimal Converter Converts hex to decimal and vice versa - very useful! Business Apps.
HiLo A simple game of Hi-Lo Basic Games 1
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Famous Infocom adventure based on the Douglas Adams Book. Adventures 4
Home Accountant My own programming effort. I wrote this both to teach myself BASIC and organise our own home finances. (1983) Business Apps.
Hoppy An inferior version of Frogger. As a frog, cross roads, rivers and other hazards. By Dubois and Mcnamara Software. (1981). More Arcade 2
Horse Race A simple way to bet on the horses without loosing your shirt! Basic Games 1
House of Seven Gables, The You are outside a mysterious house...? By Greg Hassett. Date unknown. Adventures 1
Household Accounts for Disk v. 4.0 A Micro-80 program (1982). This was from the same folk who sold the magazine. Business Apps.
Hustle Collect targets, grow the snake but don't reverse or hit your tail. Simple but good. By Peter Trefonas (1979). Basic Games 2
Iago Iago strategy board game. Date and author unknown. Strategy Games 1
Inside Track Attend a race meeting! By Ray Wilkinson. Distributed by Molymerx. Basic Games 1
Insect Frenzy Not unlike Centipede Attack except with more hazards. By Dubois and McNamara Software (1981). More Arcade 8
Institute, The Visit the Institute. By Jyym Pearson, Med Systems Software (1981). Adventures 1
Interdictor Pilot Pilot a space fighter. By Lawrence Marshall, Sole distributor Molimerx (1983). More Arcade 2
Interrupt TSR run-time interrupt routine Memory+Diagnostic
IQ Test Test your IQ! By Instant Software (1980). Miscellaneous 1
James Bond Adventure Try your hand at being 007. A Bruce G. Hansen adventure list Adams 2
Jovian More deep space arcade action with some fairly complicated controls. By Bill Dunlevy and Douglas Frayer. Radio Shack. (1982). More Arcade 4
Jumbo Fly a 747 on instruments. By Frank Avery and John Taylor. Molimerx (1982). Flight Simulators
Jungle Boy Play at being Tarzan. Good try but graphics are not really up to it. Dubios and Mcnamara Software. Distributed by Displayed Video (date unknown..possibly 1983). More Arcade 2
Jungle Raiders Elements of Defense Command and Space Invaders. By Dubois and McNamara Software (1981). More Arcade 8
Kaleidoscope Kind of screen saver. By "The Wizard" Miscellaneous 1
Keno Play the lottery game Keno. Some Bloke (1982) Miscellaneous 1
Killer Beetle A poor-man's Robot Attack. Chase creatures through a 2-D maze. By Dubois and MacNamara Software (1981) More Arcade 6
Killer copter Using a helicopter, defend your base from the invading hordes. Quite tricky! By Joe Mooney and Bob Black (date unknown) More Arcade 7
Killer Gorilla Donkey-Kong clone. Favourites 3
Kizmet By Steven Talmage. Basic Games 3
Klondike This is a card game. Author unknown More Arcade 6
Kungfu Free Syndi from a dungeon. Author and date unknown. Adventures 3
Laser Defense Cold war game. Defend American from Soviet Missiles. By Simon Smith. Med Systems Software (1982). More Arcade 6
Lazywrite v 3.4a
A fully featured word processor. This is about as good as they got for the TRS-80 line of machines. From Alphabit Communications, (1983?) Note: Manual is version 3.5 Word Processing
Leaper As the name suggests, this is a Frogger-type game. By John Deregnaucourt. Cedar Software Company. (date unknow). More Arcade 4
Leather Goddess of Phobos by Infocom (1986) Leather Goddess
Lazy Days Australian Adventure. Starts in Manley Harbour Adventures 2
Level 1 BASIC Tandy Level 1 BASIC. The original Model 1 BASIC BASIC Toolkit
Linear Regression Calculates a linear regression. Author and date unknown. Miscellaneous 1
LMOFFSET Convert a tape machine language program to disk and vice versa NEWDOS/80-2.0
Local Call for Death Interactive adventure game. A crime story. By Robert Lafore. Adventure International (1980). Local Call for Dealth
Logic Trainer Baffled by all that logic stuff at the chip level. This trainer will sharpen you up. By Russ Starkey (1982). Miscellaneous 1
Lost on the Great Barrier Reef Text-based adventure. Copied by David Bates. Published in 80 Micro (1983) Adventures 4
Lowercase Converter Will convert text in a BASIC program from upper case to lower case. It needs to be merged into the BASIC program, then run from it's line number. Instructions are in the program BASIC Toolkit
Lucifer's Realm You wake up on a hospital bed, close the death. Where are you and what's going to happen? By Jyym Pearson. Med Systems (1982). Adventures 5
Lunar Lander You think Neil Armstrong had it easy? See how you go! Favourites 3
Lying Chimps A card game. Author and date unknown. Strategy Games 2
Macro-80 Assembler v 3.4 A Fortran 80-related program by Microsoft. This is essentially an assembler, but it seems to share much of the same code as Fortran-80, and is mentioned in the Fortran manual several times. Fortran
Mad Mines Explode mines and destroy aliens. Yet another "Invaders" game with a kind of limbo barrier? By John Lempereur, Funsoft Inc. (1982) More Arcade 5
Madam Rosa meets E-Z Misadventure Number 7. Softcorn Software (1982) Adventures 3
Magic Cube Solver Ever wanted to know how to Solve Rubic's cube. Here's how. Basic Games 2
Martian Patrol Patrol the martian surface and defend against attacks. By Rick Maurice (1982). More Arcade 6
Master Mind A game of Master Mind. Author and date unknown. Strategy Games 1
Maze3D Constructs a Maze from a first-person perspective Basic Games 1
Maze Encounter Builds a maze then you have to escape from it. Basic Games 3
Maze Escape Generates a maze to escape from. By J.R. Lewis (1980). Strategy Games 2
Maze Search Search through the maze in the allocated time. Basic Games 3
Meltdown v3.7 Control a nuclear reactor. By Michael Winter (1979). Basic Games 3
Men Away Unload passengers from your crippled airline into a canyon. Contains a canyon editor. By Greg Pryor (date unknown) More Arcade 6
Menu Creator v 3.8 Creates a title page with a menu for use in BASIC programs. By A Hopper BASIC Toolkit
Meteor Mission 2 Save the Astronauts and dodge the drifting meteors. Favourites 1
Microhex A hex to decimal converter by Charlie Bartlett (1980). Also converts decimal numbers to LSB and MSB for POKE routines. BASIC Toolkit
Micro-Management Cassette-based stock database program. By Charlie Bartlett (1980). Miscellaneous 1
Mind Reader, The Plays the classic magician's trick of deduction by elimination. Basic Games 2
Miner Tunnel under the bank and get the loot. By Phillip Case (1980). Basic Games 3
Miner's Adventure Not a Scott Adams game but one by Bruce G. Hansen Adams 2
Missile Attack Protect your city from missiles in this cold-war scenario. This game is a rare in that it accomodates the differences in PMC-80 (System 80) and TRS-80 hardware regarding sound. Favourites 2
Mission Impossible Good morning Mr Phelps. You must track down and disarm a suicide bomber before the nuclear power plant goes up! Adams 1
Morgoth Weave your way through tunnels avoiding hazards. By Cosmic Software (1982). More Arcade 4
Morse Code Decoder Decode morse code. Author and date unknown. Miscellaneous 1
Multiple Regression Multiple regression calculator. By T.R. Jones (1980). Miscellaneous 1
Murgle A very simple adventure game. By Grahame Moad. Basic Games 2
Music-80 version 3.1 Also allows you to construct a tune. Date and author unknown. Needs instructions! Music
Mutant Attack Space Invaders-type game. Poor. By Tandy (1981). More Arcade 4
Naked Nightmare Misadventure Number 5. Softcorn Software (1982) Adventures 3
Neutroid Use a grid to collide neutroids with protoids and energy regions. By Nickolas Marentes (Fun Division) (1983). More Arcade 8
Nick's Disk Catalogue Program Makes a disk catalogue. By Nick Gridley, 1985, for NewDos/80 v2 Disk Utilities
Night Rider Car racing game. First-person perspective. By John B. Gannon (1983). More Arcade 4
Number Converter A hexadecimal/decimal converter with a number of permutations BASIC Toolkit
Oil Baron Manage an oil trading business. By Paul L Knechtel (1980). More Arcade 7
Oil Tycoon Manage an oil business. Basic Games 1
Olympic Decathlon Test your skill at many field events. By Timothy W. Smith (1981). More Arcade 1
Omni When run, it adds functionality to the BASIC editor, allowing BASIC keywords to be inserted by holding SHIFT down and pressing a letter key. BASIC Toolkit
OnmiTerm v 1.6 My favourite communication program. This also included utility files to encode binary files to ascii and vice versa for sending across 7-bit transmission protocols. Other utility files managed checksums for error checking. By David J Lindbergh, (1983) Note: Manual describes version 1.53 release 11 Communications
Opera Plays some famous tunes using single tones. By Richard Taylor (date unknown) Music
Orbit See if you can blow up a romulan ship by calculating the correct angle and distance. Basic Games 1
Outland Similar to Stratos above except with a single laser. By William Nitschke. Cosmin Software (1982). More Arcade 7
Outhouse Stop aliens stealing all the toilet paper (yes, it's true!) By J. Weever Jr. Soft Sector Marketing (1982). More Arcade 1
PC Board Drafters Aid v1.2 Just what it says. By Jim Clark, modified by R.N. Mudford (1984) Miscellaneous 1
Panik Kind of like Donkey Kong, but with a space theme. By William Demas. Fantastic Software (1982) More Arcade 1
Pascal 80
This was one of the best implementations of the language on this type of computer. Easy to use, with a menu driven interface. By Phels Gates, (1981). Distributed by New Classics Software. Pascal
Paymaster Payroll System V1.41 A Payroll program as its name would suggest. From Dick Smith Ltd. Paymaster Payroll System
Penetrator Penetrate the defenses, drop your bomb and then get the hell outta there! Favourites 1
Penguin As a penguin push the ice cubes around. Try to crush the bad guys. By Dubious and MacNamara (date unknown) More Arcade 5
Personal Bill Paying A small program to keep track of those household bills. By Instant Software, (1979) Business Apps.
Perseus and Andromeda Search for the hidden secrets of myths and legends. Mysterious
Pinball Just what it says! By John Allen, Acorn Software (1980). More Arcade 5
Pirate AdventureAhrrr...me hearties! Board me ship and search the waves for treasure. Adams 1
Planet Miners A strategy game where you compete with other dynastys to claim planets. By Avalon Hill (1983). Strategy Games 1
Poker The card game Poker. Date and author unknown. Strategy Games 2
Poker Pete Your computer becomes a poker player. By Dave Gubser (1979). Strategy Games 2
Pothole Block up the potholes so people don't fall through. By Stephen Crockette Basic Games 1
Printer Demo Shows off font expressions (italics, bold etc.) in an epson printer. Miscellaneous 1
Psycho 1.0 Draws patterns on the screen as determined by user parameters. Author and date unknown. Miscellaneous 1
Pyramid of Doom An Egyptian adventure pre-Indiana Jones Adams 2
Quest for Fire 1.1 Test-based adventure game. By Anthony Wood, date unknown. Adventures 4
Quest for the Key of NightshadeRole-playing game, using some graphics. Author and date unknow. Adventures 4
Radio Log Basically a tailored database program, this 1982 offering allows logging of all those exotic contacts. Dick Smith
Rally Race around a maze, avoiding other cars. By J. Weever Jnr. Big Orc Software (date unknown). More Arcade 7
Rally Racer Zoom through a maze-like course avoiding obstacles. By Tom Thiel and William Nitschke (1982). More Arcade 5
Rats Revenge 3-D Maze Game. Author Unknown Basic Games 1
Read Utility Helps read a text file. NEWDOS/80-2.0
Real-time Lunar Lander A simple lunar lander game. Basic Games 1
Reality Ends Move from universe to universe to destroy Baldir. By Med Systems (1980) Adventures 5
Rearguard Protect your back from enemy ships. Kind of like space-invaders in a horizontal scroll. Favourites 3
Rescue at Rigel Rescue at Rigel. Simple science fiction RPG from Epyx. Rescue at Rigel
Road Race Very simple 2-D driving game. Basic Games 2
Robot Attack Seek and destroy the maurading robots. Favourites 3
Rocket Attack Save the power stations with your missile defenses. Basic Games 2
Romulan Adventure A Text-based adventure written using the Scott Adams adventure system. Mega Venture I. By Jim Veneskey (1984). Adventures 5
Rubik Simulation of Rubik's cube. Date and author unknown. Strategy Games 1
Russian Roulette A very simple game of Russian Roulette. Basic Games 1
Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio Be a ruler and make wise decisions. By Instant Software (1980). Basic Games 3
Sargon 2.0a Another chess game. Date and author unknown. Strategy Games 1
Saturn Patrol Another variation on space invaders. This time it's obvious they are coming from saturn (I mean..where else!) . By Bernhard and Bouwe Software (1982). More Arcade 5
Savage Island Part 1You're a castaway..... Adams 2
Savage Island Part 2...but are you really who you think you are? Adams 2
Scarfman A Pac-Man clone. Favourites 1
Screwy Draws some interesting lines which appear 3-D. Author and date unknown. Miscellaneous 1
Scripsit v 1.0   Tandy's Word Processor and the first one available on the TRS-80, Model 1. The original program came with an audio training package. I've included a reference sheet, linked to the title opposite. Word Processing
Sea Dragon Penetrate the defenses, drop your bomb and then get the hell outta there!...but underwater!! Favourites 1
Sea Stalker Kids interactive fiction from Infocom (1984) Seastalker
Serpent Kill sea serpents from your submarine. By W. Haywood (1981). Molimerx More Arcade 6
Sewers of Moscow Misadventure Number 3. By Bob Krotts. Softcorn Software (1982) Adventures 3
Sfinks 3.0 A chess game. Date and author unknown. Strategy Games 1
Share Market Analysis A menu-driven program providing "point and figure" charts for individual or group stocks. From Dick Smith Ltd. Share Market Analysis
Shifter Sifter If you can figure this out, let me know. By Frank Parr and JMG Software (1984). Basic Games 3
Silver A pinball game. By Southern Cross Systems (1980) More Arcade 6
Sky Warrior A wierd and primitive "Penetrator-type' game. By Roger Schrag (1981). Needs to be loaded with "run" More Arcade 4
Snake Eat the targets as your snake grows Basic Games 1
Snake Eggs A dice-roll game. By Leo Christopherson (1978). Basic Games 2
Sneak Thief Kill or capture thieves and associates. By Soft Sector Marketing (1982). More Arcade 1
Solitair A standard game of solitaire. More Arcade 7
Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle This adventure speaks of castles and wizards. (walkthrough) Adams 2
Sort Sorts a text file. Business Apps.
Space Castle Destroy the Space Castle. By Charles Guy, The Cornsoft Group (1982) More Arcade 3
Space Intruders Space Invaders clone. By Doug Kennedy. Adventure International (1980). More Arcade 7
Space Shootout Duel by shooting objects scrolling past. By Dubois and McNamara Software (1981). More Arcade 8
Space War Scroll over a landscape and shoot at oncoming craft. Quite a primitive game with no sound. By Norman Dobbs. (date unknown) More Arcade 2
Speak! Seems to be a utility which allows you to add voice to your computer. Not sure how though? By William V. Neville (1981). Needs instructions. Music
Spiral Title Framer A BASIC subroutine for use in your own programs which draws a fast spiral to frame a title. You would merge this into to your own code. BASIC Toolkit
Spook House By Roger Jonathan Schrag (1982). A Model III auto-boot disk. Spook House
Stake Your Claim Claim the most squares in this grid game. By Rik Pierce Basic Games 3
Star Cresta A fairly primitive space invaders game. Cosmic Software (1982). More Arcade 3
Starfighter Simulator SC-78503 Starfighter craft flight and combat simulator. Adventure International (1981). Flight Simulators
Starfighter Pilot a starfighter in first-person view. More Arcade 3
Starshoot A variation on the game of life. By D Zwart. Basic Games 2
Stargazing Determine when celestial objects are visible. Author and date unknown. Miscellaneous 1
Star Trek Another game of Star Trek. By Microware. Basic Games 2
Star Trek 2 Play the part of Captain Kirk. Favourites 1
Star War More Star Trek-type adventures Eaca Demos
Statistics Make a bar graph Eaca Demos
Steeple Chase Ride a horse in a Steeplechase. By C. Cranstone (1981) Basic Games 1
Stellar Escort First-person view. Protect your escort from all-comers. By Jeff Zinn. Distributed by Big Five Software (1982). More Arcade 3
Stellar Warp Another variation on Space Invaders. By Tom Thiel, Cosmic Software (1982). More Arcade 4
Strange Odyssey A space adventure. (now what happens if I press the red button?) Adams 1
Stratos Space invaders with duels lasers. By John Cominio (date unknown) More Arcade 7
Strike Force Similar to, but not as good as, Eliminator. By William Tang, Beam Software (1982). More Arcade 2
Stronghold Protect you city from stray nuclear debris while trying to destroy three other cities. By Ken Olson and Larry Chow, Computer Shack (1981) More Arcade 3
Super Hangman A game of hangman. By Martin Downey (1981). Strategy Games 1
Super Hero Misadventure Number 6. Softcorn Software (1982) Adventures 3
Super Mastermind A game of Mastermind. See if you can guess the number and it's position. Basic Games 2
Super Nova 1.2 Variation on the classic game "astroids". By Bill Hogue, Big Five Software (1980). Not so good as their other efforts IMO. More Arcade 1
Super Utility+ v.3 A utility for doing all kinds of things with memory, tape and disks. Kim Watt. Breeze/QSD Inc. (1983) Disk Utilities
Super Zap It allows you to change bytes on a disk directly i.e. "zap" the disk. It is used to perform updates. Every now and again Apparat would published the latest zaps and owners could update their disks. Use with extreme caution. NEWDOS/80-2.0
Supreme Ruler Manage a country or two. By JMG Software (1982) Basic Games 1
Swamp War Collect energy units and zap slizards. Favourites 1
Swarming, The Negotiate a maze packed with swarming creatures. By David P. Berude. Gamestar Software (1982). More Arcade 3
System Check Displays System options for NewDos/80 v2 disks Memory+Diagnostic
System Diagnostic Menu-driven program which allows you to check out your system. by Howe Software (1982) Memory+Diagnostic
TAIPAN Make (and lose) a mint in this trading game. Favourites 1
Tank Arcade Tank duel game. By the Avalon Hill Game Company (1982). More Arcade 4
Tank Duel Fight it out, tank to tank! By B.J. Gannon and P.J. Hyde (1981) More Arcade 7
Tally Master A spreadsheet-type program by Prosoft (1983) Business Apps.
Tasmon v2.12 A multi-featured memory utility. Edits and displays memory, and can write memory out to tape or disk. Note: this version locates itself at the top of the memory. Memory+Diagnostic
Telcom II By Bryan Mumford (1982) Communications
Telengard A Role-Playing Fantasy Dungeons Adventure Game. By Avalon Hill Game Co. (1982). Adventures 6
Temple of Apshai
By Automated Simulations (1979). So begins, the adventures of Brian Hammerhand... DunjonQuest
Ten Little Indians You start with a train journey to a strange country... Mysterious
Tenpin Tenpin Bowling. By John Allen. Acorn Software (1981) More Arcade 5
Threshold Zero Destroy invading aliens in this Invaders-type game. By Bruce Hansen, (1982). More Arcade 6
Time Bandit Visit a number of worlds. Collect things and avoid things. Quite good. By Bill Dunlevy and Harry Lafnear (1983) More Arcade 5
Time Machine You start in a dense fog on the moors... Mysterious
Time Runner Capture territory by painting over rectangles on s grid. By Y Lempereur. Funsoft (1982) More Arcade 2
Time Traveller Jump through distance and time, fight wars and have adventures. By Krell Software (1980). Adventures 5
Timer Counts the seconds. A simple short piece of code. Miscellaneous 1
Tiny Pascal v1.0 Tandy's version of Pascal. This is a Level 2 version designed originally to run off cassette. It's been converted so it can be loaded from disk. The auxiliary program run/cmd must be used to load it.Limited, but one of the few examples available for cassette systems. Pascal
Title unknown A medley of tunes with visuals. Date and author unknown. Music
Top Secret Adventure A Text-based adventure, using the Bruce Hansen adventure system. Mega Venture II By Big Oric Software (1984). Adventures 5
Totaliser Manage a totaliser for horse racing. Author and date unknown. Miscellaneous 1
Towers of Hanoi, The The classic logic game. By Micheal Bryne. Basic Games 2
Toxic Dumpsite By Roger Jonathan Schrag (1982). A Model III auto-boot disk. Toxic Dumpsite
Trakcess v1.3 (manual v1.95)
A disk viewer, copier and editor By Roxton Baker, (1980) Disk Utilities
Troll Crusher A Role-playing Dungeon-type Adventure game by Simon N. Goodwin (1981) Adventures 5
TRS-80 Editor Assembler 1.1 Tandy's editor/assembler. Allows you to program in assembly code. Attached manual is version 1.2 for cassette but (apart from loading and saving) the commands should be the same.) Assemblers
TRS-80 Opera Theatre Turns your computer into an organ. Author and date unknown. Screen formatting is a little messed up on this one. Music
Turbo 2000 A car racing game. Not bad! By Rick Maurice (1982). Dick Smith
Typing Tutor Microsoft's Typing Tutor (1979). A program that teaches you how to touch type. I wish I'd persisted with it! Word Processing
Uboat Locate and sink a uboat. Basic Games 2
Ultratas Ultramon and Tasmon combined!. By Barry Briggs (Ultramon manual) Memory+Diagnostic
Unkill Utility Recovers a killed file. NEWDOS/80-2.0
Unoffset 1.1
Removes NEWDOS/80's LMOFFSET from machine code files of cassette origin. Very Useful! By Nick Andrew (1984) Disk Utilities
V.C. Organise your battle units. By Avalon Hill (1982) Adventures 2
Variable Form This prints out a form, which helps programmers keep track of what's in or needed for their program. Date and author unknown. Miscellaneous 2
Vexus Simple. Patrol Vexus tunnels. Destroy all aliens. By J. Weaver Jr. distributed by Soft Sector Marketing (1982). More Arcade 3
Visicalc v 1.20z The spreadsheet program that at last got business to take microcomputers seriously. The famous Visicalc. By Software Arts (1980) Business Apps.
Vodoo Castle Save Count Cristo from the curse! Adams 1
Volcano Hunter Retrieve treasure for a volcano. This game is attempts to emulate the "Mario Brothers-type" video games available on the more sophisticated home computers then available. For that reason it's worth a look. By David A Smith (1984). More Arcade 7
Voyage of the Valkerie Looks like a complicated game. Basic Games 1
Voyage Program, The This is a 3-D maze adventure in BASIC. It takes a long time to initialise. About 6 minutes! By Avalon Hill. Adventures 5
World Power A world power war game. By Roger Earwaker (modified by P J Hyde and J S Worthington (1979). Strategy Games 1
Warriors of Ras Vol 1. - DunzhinExplore a dungeon. By Randell Don Masteller, Med Systems Software (1982). Cassette version. Adventures 2
Warriors of Ras Vol 2. - KaivBy Randell Don Masteller, Med Systems Software (1982). This time it's a cave. Adventures 2
Warriors of Ras Vol 3. - Wylde By Randell Don Masteller, Med Systems Software (1982). This time it's the Wild. Adventures 2
War zone A strategy board game. Date and author unknown. Strategy Games 2
Waxworks While visiting the waxworks you dozed off. Now you're locked in! Mysterious
Weerd Destroy attacking aliens (but weird aliens!!). Contains voices. By Authur A. Gleckler. Big Five Software (1982). More Arcade 4
Wet T Shirt Contest Misadventure Number 2. Softcorn Software (1982) Adventures 3
Wild West, The Yee-ha! Hold up the train and steal the money. By C.J. Abrahams (1982). More Arcade 1
Wizard of Akyrz Can you save the king's daughter from the evil wizard? Mysterious
World Builder Build planets to specification. By Jeff Paewai (date unknown). Miscellaneous 1
WORP-1 A simple word processor written in BASIC. From Dick Smith Ltd (1980). WORP-1
WORP-9 A machine-language word processing program for the MKII System-80 model. Requires the MK II extended ROM. From Dick Smith Ltd (1981). WORP-9
Xenos "Strange, beware...". This disk must be in drive 0. Type Xenos to start. Xenos
Z80 - DisassemblerA disassembler coded in BASIC. This will show assembly code for sections of ROM and RAM Assemblers
Z80 Disassembler 2.3 By Jake Commader, Instant Software (1980) (no instructions, sorry) Assemblers
Zaxxon Fly over a 3-D landscape avoiding obstacles and enemies. By Sega Enterprises (1983) More Arcade 6
ZBASIC 2.2 Compiler A popular BASIC compiler available in three versions. Zxcdm48 supports double-precision real numbers and is suitable for 48k memory. (1982) BASIC Toolkit
ZChess A nice game of chess. Favourites 2
Zodiac Discover your oriental zodiac sign. A short, tiny program. Basic Games 2
Zork 1 The famous Zork 1 by Infocom (1983) Zork 1
Zork 2 The sequel to Zork by Infocom Zork 2
Zork 3 Zork III (The Dungeon Master) by Infocom (1983) Zork III
Zossed Pilot your ship through space in a third person view (No instructions?) More Arcade 7

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